Property Disputes: Vacant possession strategy

Property Disputes: Vacant possession strategy

LexisNexis Property Disputes PSL How to: Vacant possession strategy for redevelopment

Vacant possession strategy for redevelopment: balancing interests and timings - download your free to access practice note.

Our new Lexis PSL module Property Disputes is of relevance not only for specialist property disputes lawyers, but also for property developers, local authorities, landlords, tenants and lawyers dealing with property matters.

This practice note, produced in partnership with Jill Carey of Taylor Wessing LLP and part of our new LexisPSL Property Disputes module, considers the types of occupiers and interests in place, from commercial leases to long-term residents and licensees, and how these interests might be terminated.

A site that is ripe for redevelopment can also be laden with different interests, with varying degrees of legal protection. Landlords that are looking to redevelop must consider the nature of any interests, and the mechanisms and timings for terminating them, well before any redevelopment is due to commence.

As timing is critical to redevelopment, we also explains the timing of serving notices and taking action to recover possession, and the importance of ensuring that the developer deals with all the interests on the site, not just the immediate subject.

  • What problems/issues may a developer encounter when trying to recover vacant possession of a property or site?
  • Provides a guide to the most common issues relating to occupation and what owners/landlords need to be aware of
  • Details the notices to be served and the steps to be taken to bring each type of occupation to an end
  • Sets out the potential impact of these issues on timing and costs of redevelopment

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Lexis®PSL Property Disputes is an online practical guidance product for customers dealing with property litigation matters which provides a range of procedural and substantive guidance set out in topics which reflect how disputes are approached in practice, both in terms of the underlying issues as well as the different stages of proceedings.

LexisPSL Property Disputes contains brand new content as well as existing content from both LexisPSL Property and LexisPSL Dispute Resolution.

This new module has been created based on customer feedback that those working in the area of property disputes would like all of the information they require together in one place. It is a one-stop-shop for property disputes legislation, cases, current awareness, commentary, practical guidance, checklists, and precedents. This expert content is split into a wide range of intuitive topics and sub-topics which can be easily searched and navigated.

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