Part 36: Spotlight on the New Rule

Are you aware of the new CPR Part 36 that applies to all Part 36 offers made on and after 6 April 2015? The new CPR Part 36 is a complete rewrite replacing the existing CPR Part 36, and contains some key changes. Some provisions of the new CPR Part 36 will also apply to offers made before 6 April 2015.

This change will apply and therefore be of concern to those involved in insolvency litigation. Our LexisPSL Dispute Resolution colleagues have, in conjunction with Ed Pepperall QC of St Philips Commercial, held seminars across the country in respect of the new CPR Part 36, and have produced the following materials which are available for download through their blog:

  • a mini-mag containing LexisPSL practice notes and an article written by Ed Pepperall QC for The New Law Journal
  • annotated guide to the new CPR Part 36, prepared by Ed Pepperall QC
  • film of the seminar held in London

Our Dispute Resolution colleagues' blog, including details on how to download the above content, can be accessed by clicking here.


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