31 July 2013: The Day of Reckoning?

31 July 2013: The Day of Reckoning?

Is 31 July 2013 the day of reckoning? Claimant injury lawyers face even more upheaval, says Dominic Regan in his latest opinion piece for the New Law Journal. The innocuously titled Civil Procedure (Amendment No 6) Rules 2013 (SI 2013/1695) do not betray the horrors which lurk within. Not only do we see portal extension but also a fixed costs regime which will attach to cases that exit the portal, are litigated and even reach trial. The days of costs far exceeding damages are numbered, he says. Find the full article here.


Professor Dominic Regan is a professor at City Law School columnist for the New Law Journal. He has assisted Lord Justice Jackson & HH Judge Simon Brown QC with costs reform and writes the blog Professor Dominic Regan. The full article was first published in the New Law Journal on 23 July 2013.

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