New Video Hearing pilot scheme

New Video Hearing pilot scheme

Monday 2 March 2020 sees the new Video Hearing pilot scheme come into force.  The rules introducing the new pilot scheme are set out in the 115th Practice Direction update where the pilot scheme can be found in the schedule. The update can be accessed on the Justice website: 115th Practice Direction. When in force, the Video Hearing pilot scheme will be found in Practice Direction 51V (CPR PD 51V). 

The Video Hearing pilot scheme provides for applications to set aside default judgments, obtained under CPR 12, to take place using a video hearing. The hearings will be public. The pilot scheme applies in the Birmingham and Manchester Civil Justice Centres and runs from 2 March until 30 November 2020.

The pilot scheme will apply where:

  • the County Court has entered judgment in respect of a claim for a specified amount of money only, under CPR 12
  • a party has applied to set aside judgment under CPR 13.2 or CPR 13.3 
  • on the date of receipt of the application, the parties’ email addresses, or the email addresses of their legal representatives, are known to the relevant court

The pilot scheme will apply unless a party objects or opts out of the pilot scheme.

Note: a previous pilot scheme ran until November 2019. This new pilot scheme and its predecessor have the same title and the same practice direction reference. For an explanation as to the requirement for the second pilot scheme, see News Analysis: Minutes of the CPR Committee meeting—6 December 2019.

This information was first  published on Lexis®PSL Dispute Resolution on 20 February 2020.  A guidance note explaining the Video Hearing pilot scheme is available for subscribers:  Default judgment—video hearings pilot scheme 2020 (CPR PD 51V).

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