Mitchell: No appeal to Supreme Court

Mitchell: No appeal to Supreme Court

The solicitor acting for Andrew Mitchell MP has confirmed that the costs appeal case is unlikely to make it to the Supreme Court.

We would like to bring it but we can’t see any way of getting it to the Supreme Court as it was a procedural issue rather than a point of law. We’ve had a lot of support from the profession and now we have to press on and win the libel case.

Graham Atkins, Atkins Thomson (via Law Gazette)

As we have previously written, Mitchell has become the leading case regarding costs budgeting/consequences of  non-compliance with the new ‘Jackson’ rules and has led the way for a tougher judicial stance on rejecting relief from sanction applications.

As a result of the decision in Mitchell, a raft of decisions have followed suit including various decisions in the Senior Courts Costs Office:

Harrison & Harrison v Black Horse Ltd (failure to comply with old funding notice requirements)


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