Key Features of the LCIA Arbitration Rules 2014 – A Guide

arbitrationguideThe release of the LCIA Rules 2014, which take effect from 1 October 2014, was arguably the biggest arbitration event of the summer, if not the year.

Sarah Lancaster, Registrar of the LCIA Secretariat, has stated that the revised rules “modernise and improve upon the existing version, reinforcing the LCIA’s position as one of the world’s leading providers of efficient international arbitration services.

To assist practitioners’ understanding of these key institutional arbitration rules, Lexis®PSL Arbitration has produced a ‘Guide to the Key Features of the LCIA Rules 2014’, which addresses the following questions:

  • I am about to commence LCIA arbitration: will the LCIA Rules 2014 apply?
  • Where’s my seat? What is the applicable law?
  • What do I need to know about the ‘general guidelines’ for the parties’ legal representatives?
  • Under the LCIA Rules 2014 can I apply for emergency arbitrator relief prior to the formation of the tribunal?
  • What about costs?

To download the Guide, click here.

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