Jackson Reforms: Three Months On PROPORTIONALITY

Three months have now passed since the implementation of a major tranche of the Jackson Reforms. The LexisNexis Dispute Resolution team has been looking at the key court decisions to date and assessing what assistance these cases can provide in interpreting the new provisions. In particular, attention is drawn to areas where practitioners need to exercise care, at least until a binding Court of Appeal decision is in place.

Our last post in the series of issues which have been raised and considered in the update is that of proportionality.

A key area of the reforms, but on which the CPR gives no guidance. So far, the court has provided little guidance either, although the case of JW Spear v Zynga implies that although ‘proportionality’ has been added to the overriding objective, the court must still also provide a just result to comply with the overriding objective.

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