HMCTS introduces new electronic payment service

HMCTS introduces new electronic payment service

HMCTS has introduced a new fee payment service, called Fee Account, which will allow repeat users to pay court fees electronically.

Fee Account is an enhanced service that will replace the Payment by Account (Pba) electronic payment service which was the subject of a pilot from 2011. Court users who were using the Pba pilot system will have the same customer reference numbers under the new system. Fee Account will be available to pay for court fees for customers that use:

  • National Business Centres

  • all offices of the County Court and the Family Court

  • magistrates courts dealing with civil and family matters

  • County Court Money Claims Centre (Salford) (although not for Money Claims Online matters)

  • the Royal Courts of Justice

  • probate registries

  • the Court of Protection

The HM Courts & Tribunal Service suggests that the benefits of the new system, which will involve a single method of payment across any of the jurisdictions, will include:

  • increased efficiency: removing delays caused by the issue and re-issue of cheques which are lost or incorrectly made out
  • reduced cost: potential reduction in administrative overheads and the elimination of banking charges

Fee Account will be available from autumn 2014, however, you may register now by emailing the Fee Accounts Payment team.

For more information on the Fee Account system see the Justice website and the FAQ document that the HM Courts & Tribunal Service has produced.

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