Guy Mansfield QC on costs

Guy Mansfield QC on costs

We continue our series of follow up posts summarising each of the key speakers and their practical advice to practitioners for those who were unable to attend the Costs and Litigation Funding conference and didn’t manage to follow our live tweeting on the day.

Following on from Master Haworth on costs, we then heard from Guy Mansfield QC of 1 Crown Office Row.

Review of significant cases impacted by the reforms.

The following is a summary of our live tweeting:

  • By detailed assessment, many costs will have been incurred which will be proportionate. It is the extra costs where proportionality will bite.
  • Advice to lawyers - develop careful case plan much earlier than they would usually have done in past.
  • Must make application to amend costs budget when it is apparent budget is being exceeded. Must be pre-trial & have "good reason".
  • Proportionality is key issue in QOCS in PI cases.
  • Don't overload claims. Fight core issues. If parties win on issue at preliminary stage, they should get their costs.
  • Warning to draft CFAs properly & to include the correct defendant.
  • Interesting debate re Calderbanks/ Pt 36 offers. Make early Pt 36 offer - will likely be seen as better option at detail assessment.



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