Mandatory electronic filing in the Rolls Building from 25 April 2017

Mandatory electronic filing in the Rolls Building from 25 April 2017

From Tuesday 25 April 2017, mandatory electronic filing is introduced in the following Rolls Building jurisdictions: the Chancery Division, Commercial Court, Technology and Construction Court (TCC), Mercantile and Admiralty Courts.

From 25 April, all claims and applications in those jurisdictions will need to be filed using the electronic working system.

The introduction of a mandatory electronic working system follows a successful pilot scheme in the Rolls Building, which commenced in November 2015. The pilot recognised that there was a need to modernise the courts' filing system in order to increase efficiency and improve access to justice.

What is CE-file?

The Rolls Building electronic working system, CE-File, is based on an internal 'back office' system the court originally used to manage its files. In its new form, CE-File is available online and should be accessible at all times (except during planned down times). This should enable users to carry out numerous tasks such as filing claims and applications, paying court fees, inspecting the record and filing bundles, with much more flexibility.

What guidance is there about CE-file and when it should be used?

Lexis®PSL Dispute Resolution have produced two Practice Notes providing specific guidance on electronic filing in the Rolls Building which are available to subscribers - if you are not a subscriber click here to take a free trial to access:

Rolls Building—introduction to electronic working, which considers the circumstances in which electronic filing applies, how to get started using the CE-File electronic working system including paying fees and inspecting the record electronically, and practical tips when using CE-File

Rolls Building—electronic filing and case management, which looks at electronic filing at each stage in proceedings and provides guidance on electronically filing a document, issuing a claim, submitting bundles and making applications.

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