CPR changes in force Thursday 5 June 2014

CPR changes in force Thursday 5 June 2014

Three CPR provisions have been the subject of the reforms which came into force on Thursday 5 June. These are:

  • changes to ensure it is clear that CPR 3.12 dealing with costs budgeting applies in the Admiralty and Commercial Courts
  • how the specialist planning judges will be appointed,
  • new provisions at CPR 3.8(4) allowing parties to extend time, so called 'buffer agreements'

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We have amended content within LexisPSL DR to reflect the new provisions.

Buffer agreements

Previously parties have, in some instances, been able to agree to extend time limits set out in a rule, practice direction or court order. However, the sanction for failure to comply with the rule, practice direction or sanction still applied and a court application was required for relief from that sanction. The new provision in CPR 3.8(4) now means that parties can reach an agreement to extend time without the continued imposition of the relevant sanction so alleviating the need for the separate relief from sanctions application. For information on CPR 3.8(4) agreements, which are already being referred to as 'buffer agreements' by some.*

*Subscribers to LexisPSL Dispute Resolution can find further details in our Practice Note: Agreements to extend time—buffer agreements.

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