Cost budgeting Insight Videos: Smith, Greene & Regan review recent significant cases

In this series of short videos, Neil Smith, David Greene & Dominic Regan review some of the most significant cases impacted by the reforms on cost budgeting so far.

In doing so, they highlight the important factors of each case, what line the court adopted on enforcement and how legal representatives can avoid default sanctions and become more efficient and better able to comply with rules, practice directions and orders.

Henry v News Group Newspapers from LexisNexis on Vimeo.

Murray v Dowlman Architects LTD from LexisNexis on Vimeo.

Slick Seating Systems v Adams from LexisNexis on Vimeo.

Elvanite Full Circle Ltd v AMEC Earth and Environment UK from LexisNexis on Vimeo.

Willis v Rundell from LexisNexis on Vimeo.

These videos were first published by the New Law Journal on 30 October 2013. 

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