Commercial Court: incorrectly filed electronic applications will be ‘rejected’

Commercial Court: incorrectly filed electronic applications will be ‘rejected’

The Honourable Mr Justice Popplewell of the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary has announced it will be rejecting applications being filed electronically that do not follow the Commercial Court guidance.

The courts electronic filing system has become a ‘huge waste of time’ for judges and supporting staff due to widespread non-compliance with the Commercial Court guide—in particular: paragraphs

  • F4.1 (without hearing applications generally)
  • F9.1 (consent orders)
  • D19.5 (Tomlin Orders)
  • D19.6 (discontinuance)

Issues to consider when completing an application include, among other things:

  • where appropriate, a short letter explaining the reasons for the application or its context and if the application requires reading a document which has already been filed, such as a witness statement, it must be refiled as part of the application—this applies to applications for consent orders as well as to without notice applications
  • constituent documents must be properly labelled, so that they can quickly be identified
  • a copy of every relevant previous order must be included—this applies to many consent order applications, but few currently fulfil it

Source: Press release: Electronic filing of applications to be dealt with without a hearing

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