Chancery Guide: January update issued

HM Courts & Tribunals Service has issued its latest update to the Chancery Guide. The January 2018 update includes an amendment to para 8.9.1 to confirm how claim forms issued in the County Court for Business and Property work should be listed, as per the requirements which are already set out in the CPR regarding this, and an amendment to para 17.59 to state that the court may direct expert evidence to be given on an issue-by-issue basis. The update also includes changes to some of the contact details in Chapter 2.


The amendments made in this update of the Chancery Guide are:


  • Chapter 2 (contact details)
  • Chapter 6 (the court file)
  • Chapter 8 (issue of claim form): 17.59 (expert evidence)

The latest version of the Chancery Guidance can be accessed here.

Additional supporting information can also be found here.

Source: Guidance: Chancery Guide—January 2018 update

Filed Under: Chancery Division

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