CEDR’s model documents updated

CEDR’s model documents updated

CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) has announced an update to its model mediation procedure and contract clauses.

The updated model documents include the following changes:

  • express timelines for mediators to be appointed (eg 14 days from notice of the dispute) and for the commencement of a mediation (eg, where there is an ADR notice, within 28 days from such notice). Parties may vary the number of days specified.
  • the expansion of the international contract clause into ten languages
  • stronger language around confidentiality

Previously the model documents were updated on an ad hoc basis, however, from 2014 they will be updated annually.

To access the updated clauses, see CEDR’s model documents. Documents which have been updated are denoted by “[2014 Edition]”.

CEDR’s Notes on the 2014 of CEDR’s Model Documents contain a helpful summary of changes and an outline of amendments from previous editions.

LexisPSL subscribers should note that we have updated our links on LexisPSL Dispute Resolution to the CEDR’s model documents.

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