Beware! Increase in court fees from 22 April 2014

Beware! Increase in court fees from 22 April 2014

Litigation practitioners getting to grips with the CPR changes coming into force in April 2014 also need to be aware that many of the court fees are being increased.

These increases come into effect on 22 April 2014 (The Civil Proceedings Fees (Amendment) Order 2014, SI 2014/874) with substantial amends to the current Court Fees Schedule.

Amendments of particular significance are:

  • the introduction of a generic issue fee (£280) for all non-money cases across the civil court system
  • increases to issue fees for money claims with a value of over £1,500
  • the removal of the fees to submit a directions questionnaire and listing  fees – the cost of these processes are now included in the issue fee and the hearing fee
  • small claims track hearing fees are updated to 2013/2014 prices (changes to fees in fast and multi track hearing claims will be considered at a later date)
  • the introduction of the same general application fees across the civil court system, including family proceedings
  • increases to fees charged in judicial review proceedings from £60 to £140 for an application for permission and from £215 to £700 for a hearing or oral renewal application


  • fees relating to enforcement are to undergo a separate review
  • amendments to fees in the Court of Appeal will be implemented at a later date, once the procedure rules have been accordingly changed


In December 2013, the Ministry of Justice opened a consultation on court fees, seeking views on its proposals to recover close to the full costs of the civil court system through fee increases.   The consultation which closed on 21 January 2014 attracted 162 responses.  In the ministerial foreword to its response to the consultation, Shailesh Vara, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice, acknowledged that 'many of the respondents to the consultation did not agree with [the] proposals for reform', however, 'we must press ahead'.

See the Ministry of Justice’s “Court Fees: Proposals for reform – Part one consultation response: Cost Recovery” for further details.

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