Another amendment to the Court fees schedule

The Court fees schedule has been amended yet again by the Civil Proceedings Fees (Amendment No 3) Order 2014, SI 2014/2059. These amendments correct the previous amendments to the schedule by SI 2014/1834 (see our post here). Both SI 2014/1834 and SI 2014/2059 come into force today - Monday 4 August 2014.

The combined effect of SI 2014/1834 and SI 2014/2059 is as follows:

  • fee 3.5 (applications under the Companies Act 1985, the Companies Act 2006 or the Insolvency Act 1986) has been increased from £160 to £280
  • fee 8.1 (County Court enforcement) has been amended as follows:
    • County Court Business Centre cases or cases in which a warrant of control is requested (in accordance with CPR PD 7E, para 11.2) are subject to a fee of £70
    • other cases are subject to a fee of £100
  • the definition of 'excluded benefits' in Sch 2 of SI 2008/1053, dealing with remissions and part remissions of fees, has also been amended to include benefits based upon the Social Care (Self-directed Support) Scotland Act 2013

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