74% of London litigators say that Jackson reforms have increased costs of litigation

74% of London litigators say that Jackson reforms have increased costs of litigation

Despite making civil litigation less expensive being a key driver for Jackson LJ, in the latest survey of London litigators, 74% now consider that the costs have litigation have increased (up from 69% roughly six months ago).

London litigators, surveyed by the New Law Journal in association with London Solicitors Litigation Association shows that there is still a long way to go. Some respondents stated that the reforms have decreased recoverable costs but increased costs overall. Others suggested that "Costs should decrease as it should focus the mind, but not until clients understand what they should be demanding from their lawyers by way of greater efficiencies of use of time".

"It seems likely that costs will reduce in the long term once the rules are clear and the raft of satellite litigation comes to an end".

The article, published in the New Law Journal suggests that "It is hoped that over time the court’s approach will settle down and the creases in the reforms will be ironed out. The Civil Procedure Rule Committee is looking to introduce a “buffer rule” which would allow parties to agree extensions of time of up to 28 days for service certain documents. This is seen as being a sensible step towards resolving some of the concern. However, in the meantime it remains an unsettling and potentially expensive time for clients".

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