Welsh Government outlines mission for a greener economy post coronavirus (COVID-19)

Welsh Government outlines mission for a greener economy post coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Welsh Government has announced that it will set out its mission for building back from coronavirus (COVID-19) as a more ‘prosperous, equal and greener economy’ in the Economic Resilience and Reconstruction Mission, to be published on 23 February 2021. The Welsh Government will prioritise strengthening the everyday sectors of the economy, revitalising the town centres and increasing the incidence of fair work across Wales. An additional £270m will be made available through the Development Bank of Wales to support businesses, particularly with expansion and growth. The Economic Contract will also be strengthened and refreshed to assist businesses with enabling low carbon and climate resilient operations.

The Economy Minister, Ken Skates has stated:

'We have an opportunity to look to the future and reconstruct the economy with the fundamental goal of achieving long term well-being with dignity and fairness for people.'

Skates added: 'We will do this by strengthening the everyday economy, delivering on our Covid Commitment to support people in improving skills and gaining employment, and by helping businesses meet the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow. We will also maximise sustainable investment in Wales and fortify our pursuit of fair work and social value with businesses and organisations who receive public funding.'

Source: Welsh Government sets out mission for more prosperous, equal and greener economy

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