Supreme Court publishes 2021–2022 business plan

Supreme Court publishes 2021–2022 business plan

The Supreme Court has published its business plan for the 2021–2022 financial year, setting out its four strategic priorities—recovery, diversity and inclusion, becoming world class, and serving the public. The business plan also considers the role the Supreme Court can play in recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as its new international role following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The Chief Executive, Vicky Fox, stated: ‘We have reviewed and refreshed our vision and values and, despite the continuing uncertainties, I am confident that we can deliver this business plan and move closer to achieving our vision.’

Key points that the business plan addresses include:

• learning lessons and improving ways of working in light of coronavirus

• building on existing commitments to diversity and inclusion through delivery of the new diversity, inclusion and belonging strategy, as well as the judicial diversity and inclusion strategy 2021–2025

• continuing its journey of improvement by reviewing all processes to ensure the Supreme Court remains a modern and well-run organisation that delivers efficient and effective services to court users

• reflecting on the Supreme Court’s commitment to serving the public through upholding the rule of law, administration of justice, and court independence. It outlines plans to work collaboratively with other courts, government, and Parliament to promote transparency and accessibility, and increase public understanding of the work the court does

Read the full business plan here.

Source: Supreme Court launches Business Plan for 2021-2022

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