Student Academic Experience Survey highlights impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Student Academic Experience Survey highlights impact of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Higher Education Policy Institute has published the ‘Student Academic Experience Survey 2021’, developed in collaboration with Advance HE. The publication highlights the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the student academic experience and finds that two out of three students believe their institution is committed to eliminating racial inequalities. Further, the survey explains that 27% of the 10,000 full-time students studying in the UK who responded to the survey stated that they have received ‘good or very good value’ changing the trend between 2017 and 2019. However, 44% of students said they had ‘poor or very poor value’, which is a sharp rise from the 29% of students who said this in 2019.

Further points from the survey include:

• 54% of students said there was ‘too little in-person contact with other students’ and 51% said there was ‘too little in-person interaction with staff’

• 58% of students would have still chosen the same course and institution and 29% had considered leaving higher education

• in an ‘open question’ of ‘how to improve the academic experience’, the top areas are identified were ‘Improve assessment feedback’, ‘More in person teaching/campus activities’ and ‘Better communication’

• tuition fees remain the main consideration in relation to poor value (50%), in addition to the [low] volume of in-person teaching (47%), the opportunity to access in-person teaching (42%), teaching quality (36%) and the volume of online contact hours (32%)

The survey can be found here.

Source: Students highlight the challenges of their 2021 academic experience

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