Senior executives exempted from completing passenger locator form amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

Senior executives exempted from completing passenger locator form amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Home Office has updated its guidance webpage 'Coronavirus (COVID-19): jobs that qualify for travel exemptions'. It adds a new exemption for certain senior executives from the requirement to complete a passenger locator form when arriving from a country that is on the government's 'green', 'amber' or 'red' list, and the requirement to self-isolate if arriving from an amber list country. A similar exemption has been introduced for in-flight security officers. The guidance also updates the exemptions for aerospace engineers, overseas elite sportspersons, non-UK border officials and contractors, and those undertaking 'regular work abroad'.

Certain senior executives (board level or equivalent) who are bringing a 'significant economic benefit' may qualify for an exemption if:

• the work they are doing has greater than 50% chance of creating or preserving at least 500 UK-based jobs in either:

○ an existing UK business with at least 500 employers, or

○ a new UK business within two years of the date of their arrival in the UK

• their business activity requires their physical presence, which cannot be done remotely or by anyone who would not need to quarantine

The individual relying on the exemption must complete an online form before they travel. If successful, the individual will be issued a letter, which must be presented to a Border Force officer upon arrival in the UK.

Further information on this exemption (eg details on the qualifying criteria, a link to the online form and the application procedure) is set out separately in the guidance webpage 'Working in England if you are a senior executive bringing significant economic benefit to the UK'.​

Source: Coronavirus (COVID-19): jobs that qualify for travel exemptions

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