Priti Patel rejects Migration Advisory Committee’s recommendations for SOLs

Priti Patel rejects Migration Advisory Committee’s recommendations for SOLs

The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has responded to the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) review of the shortage occupation lists (SOLs). In her letter, the Home Secretary clearly states ‘the Government has decided not to immediately accept any of the recommendations contained in the MAC’s SOL report.’ The Home Secretary stated that, before changing the SOLs, there should be an assessment of the development and recovery of the UK labour market after the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and in response to the new Points-Based Immigration System.

The Home Secretary states that the government wants employers to ‘prioritise and invest’ in people already in the UK by upskilling the current workforce, instead of ‘automatically’ seeking to bring in people with the required skillset from overseas.

She concludes by stating that the government is ‘absolutely not rejecting the advice of the MAC’ and that it intends to continue reviewing its recommendations and will ‘consider’ whether to implement them in forthcoming changes to the Immigration Rules.

See: LNB News 29/09/2020 54 for further details on the MAC’s report.

Source: Letter to the Migration Advisory Committee on the shortage occupation lists report 

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