ONS to expand coronavirus (COVID-19) study to include 400,000 people

ONS to expand coronavirus (COVID-19) study to include 400,000 people

The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will ‘significantly expand’ its study tracking coronavirus (COVID-19) in the general population to 400,000 people in England. The increase in data should support rapid testing and diagnosis of coronavirus and help narrow the areas of concern. The government will also provide a £2m grant to the ZOE COVID-19 Symptom Study app to support its data collection. The app provides data on symptoms across the country and is analysed in collaboration with researchers from King’s College London.

The ONS Infection Survey seeks to increase testing in England to 150,000 per fortnight by October 2020 and the ONS has partnered with the devolved administrations to extend the survey. The ONS will prioritise the north west of England and London in light of recent increases in infection rates in these areas. Letters have been sent to tens of thousands of homes inviting participants to take part in the survey.

The survey will be led by the ONS and the University of Oxford in partnership with the departments of health across the UK and will use swabbing and antibody testing to provide insight into the rate of infection and antibody levels in the community.

Source: Huge boost to national testing study will offer new COVID-19 insights

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