Office for Product Safety and Standards’ response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Office for Product Safety and Standards’ response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) has announced that it is working with partners to protect both people and businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The OPSS are providing advice to local authorities, professional bodies and government departments, as well as supporting compliance with product safety regulations and business closures. The OPSS are ensuring that personal protective equipment (PPE) reaches the NHS and have updated its business guidance on personal protective equipment to ‘ensure businesses are aware of the administrative easements that have been agreed to speed up the supply of PPE’.

The OPSS are also:

•  advising researches (through its Access and Benefit Sharing team) on legally accessing samples of coronavirus from overseas

• using powers derived from the Nagoya Protocol to ‘ensure timely sample sharing so that this vital research is not delayed’

• receiving intelligence from the OPSS intel team and coordinating with the National Crime Agency as part of a multi-agency response to coronavirus

• supporting business through the primary authority FareShare which is playing a key role in food distribution nationally

Source: Supporting the frontline against the pandemic

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