Ofcom study finds surge in TV and streaming services during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ofcom study finds surge in TV and streaming services during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Ofcom has published its annual study of the UK’s media habits titled ‘Media Nations 2020’. The study found that during the period of coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, there was a surge in TV screen time and time spent on streaming services. In March 2020, public service broadcasters such as BBC, ITV, STV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 achieved their highest combined monthly share of TV viewing in more than six years—which was driven by a demand for trusted news as the coronavirus pandemic unfolded. Their success was ‘short-lived’, however, and viewing fell to 55% by June 2020, its lowest level since August 2019—spurred by interruption to soap production, major sporting events and entertainment shows. By contrast, the uplift in viewing to video streaming services and other non-broadcast content is likely to continue in the months following lockdown. According to the study an ‘overwhelming majority of adults’ signed up to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ services, and reported that they plan to keep their subscriptions. Statistics show that Disney + has overtaken NOW TV as third most popular paid-for streaming platform, and ‘leapfrogs’ use of BBC iPlayer amongst the youngest kids.

Read the full report here.

Source: Lockdown leads to surge in TV screen time and streaming

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