New sticker scheme offered to UK businesses amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

New sticker scheme offered to UK businesses amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Department of Health and Social Care has launched a new 'We Offer Testing to our Staff' scheme, which involves providing UK businesses with stickers to showcase their offer of free coronavirus (COVID-19) testing for staff, as well as materials to promote the use of the NHS COVID-19 app to check in visitors and customers. Businesses participating in the scheme will be able to access digital materials, including stickers and posters, online via an ordering platform from 11 May 2021.

Speaking on the new scheme, Health Minister, Lord Bethell, stated the following:

‘Through this new scheme participating businesses can proudly display their contribution to our national recovery and their support to public health, while also reassuring staff and customers in the process. Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not show any symptoms so every day rapid testing is helping us find cases of COVID-19 we wouldn’t otherwise know about, breaking chains of transmission and saving lives.

Regaining our lost freedoms depends on all of us getting tested regularly. There are more ways for people to access free rapid tests than ever before, and I’m grateful to all the businesses for their contribution to this scheme and to our national recovery effort.’

Guidance on the scheme is available here.

Source: New 'We Offer Testing to our Staff' scheme launched

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