New pandemic lease clauses published in Lexis®PSL Property

New pandemic lease clauses published in Lexis®PSL Property

We have recently published a series of new pandemic lease clauses within the Property module of Lexis®PSL.

The series comprises optional clauses, or part-wording for insertion into existing clauses, which can be included in a lease of commercial property in order to deal with some of the consequences and/or issues arising out of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or other similar scenarios.

This is an evolving area in which a ‘market’ consensus between landlord and tenant does not yet appear to have emerged. Although these clauses should not therefore be regarded as ‘standard’, we hope that customers will find them useful in certain cases. We will keep the drafting of these clauses under review in light of developing practice and customer feedback.

The new clauses can be accessed via the dedicated coronavirus subtopic in the Property module. They can also be accessed directly using the links below:

● Yield up clause—suspension of vacant possession obligation for pandemic reason

● Repair—suspension of tenant’s repair obligation for pandemic reason clause

● Qualification to keep open covenant clause

● Notices—electronic service clause

● Service charge clause: landlord to provide extra services to comply with pandemic legislation/guidelines

● Service charge clause: cost savings to be passed on to tenant immediately

● Alterations clause—tenant permitted to make internal, non-structural alterations without consent

● Pandemic rent (and other payments) suspension clause

● Break clause—tenant’s right to terminate for pandemic reason


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