Matt Hancock makes statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Matt Hancock makes statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, has made a statement on coronavirus (COVID-19) on 27 May 2021.

In the speech Hancock addressed the following points:

• cases appear to be rising, although this was expected following the easing of lockdown

• the government’s aim is to break the link between rising cases and hospitalisations

• surge testing is being deployed in eight hotspot areas and other places where cases are low but rising

• reminder to the public to follow the rules in place to reduce the spread of the virus

• the deployment of vaccines appears to be severing the link between coronavirus infections and hospitalisations

• three in four adults have coronavirus antibodies, including 90% of people aged 50 and over

• Hancock will be hosting the G7 health ministers’ summit in Oxford

• half a million people have joined the Vaccine Research Registry, thereby providing a large group of people prepared to take part in clinical trials

• progress is being made into antiviral medicines which would provide people with protection against viruses. The Prime Minister hopes to make two products available later in the year

Source: Health and Social Care Secretary's statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 27 May 2021

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