Lord Chief justice holds press conference amid coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Lord Chief justice holds press conference amid coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Burnett of Maldon, has held his annual press conference amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Burnett opens by statin:, ‘My last press conference was at the end of February [2020] just as COVID was engulfing the world. The courts have coped well with what followed due to the hard work and flexibility of all judges, magistrates and staff, who kept the courts and tribunals running throughout the pandemic. My profound thanks to them, of course, and also to you, the press, who have continued to report on court proceedings in all jurisdictions, in circumstances which have been very far from easy. Judges want the work of courts to be seen and understood and that would not happen if you were not there.’ Burnett continued to discuss the backlog of court cases causes by coronavirus and the impact that this has had on victims, the criticism of the judiciary and politicians, whether judges and lawyers should be a priority for the coronavirus vaccine, retired judges helping with the backlog in the courts, and funding and resources for the courts in coming years. Burnett also considered court modernisation and the government spending review, social distancing in the courts and the impact of Nightingale Courts.

For the full transcript see here.

Source: Lord Chief Justice press conference December 2020

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