Longfield argues prioritise schools in future coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns

Longfield argues prioritise schools in future coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns

Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, has released a briefing outlining the key actions required to ensure that children are placed at the heart of planning for any future coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. In her briefing, Longfield contends that with the occurrence of any local or national lockdown, ‘schools should be the last places to be locked down, after pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops’. She also notes that the scientific argument for keeping educational settings open is strongest for nurseries followed by primary schools and then secondary schools.

The briefing also calls for regular testing of both pupils and teachers regardless of whether they have coronavirus, and that the ‘results of testing on teachers and students should be pooled with attendance data to model risks of transmission and test effective strategies for minimising risk’. It also asserts that ‘where other children need to work online, the Department for Education must expand its laptop programme so that children in all year groups who need them can receive devices and 4G Wi-Fi routers quickly, in order for them to undertake home working.’

The full briefing can be found here.

Source: Children and schools must come before pubs and shops in planning for future Covid-19 lockdowns

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