Joint Contracts Tribunal updates its coronavirus (COVID-19) articles

Joint Contracts Tribunal updates its coronavirus (COVID-19) articles

The Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) has updated a suite of coronavirus (COVID-19) articles in light of the guidance published by the government and the Construction Leadership Council since April 2020. The articles discuss the impact of coronavirus on construction projects and the associated contractual implications. JCT reminds stakeholders that ‘it is important that all parties to the contract are aware of the issues that affect compliance in relation to their current projects and are able to give due consideration to the impact of their future work.’

The updated articles include:

• principal Covid-19 guidance from Government and Construction Leadership Council

• government’s updated Covid-19 guidance raises specific issues

• future projects: the impact of Covid-19 and Brexit

Source: Suite of updated Covid-19 articles available from JCT website

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