IPO edits trade mark services in light of coronavirus (COVID-19) challenges

IPO edits trade mark services in light of coronavirus (COVID-19) challenges

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has edited its guidance on registration, international designations and publishing in the trade mark journal to reflect the latest position, specifically on the limited ability to print and post due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Details of the changes are as follows:


• trade marks for which the opposition period ends during the declared period of interruption will not be registered during the period of interruption. The opposition period is extended until the first working day that is not interrupted. The marks will be registered as soon as is practical, following the end of interruption

• there will be a delay in receiving postal versions of trade mark and design registration certificates as the IPO post room has very limited capacity. Registrants are advised to request email copies should they have an urgent business need

International designations

• the IPO is still receiving and processing international registrations designating the UK. If the IPO is able to locate an email address for the holder, information will be communicated via email. If this is not possible, the IPO will post correspondence, other than to countries that its couriers are not delivering to at present

• there are no longer any delays in the IPO’s ability to process international applications (UK office of origin cases)

Publishing in the trade marks journal

• all accepted trade marks are being published for opposition purposes, even those for which the IPO needs to notify owners of any UK earlier marks (and international marks with UK designation) by post. The IPO will continue to send notifications by email if it has an email address recorded on its database. Registrants are advised to check junk folders for emails which may end up there

Source: Alterations to services - trade marks and designs

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