IfG issues long-term recommendations for tackling coronavirus (COVID-19)

IfG issues long-term recommendations for tackling coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Institute for Government (IfG) has published a report into how international efforts can be strengthened to tackle coronavirus (COVID-19) in the long term. The report draws on recommendations from international scientists, former government ministers and leading international organisations in developing its recommendations. Central to the report’s recommendations is the need for international cooperation in key areas, such as vaccination, to meet the world’s long-term aim of ending the pandemic.

The report's key recommendations for global leaders include:

• defining acceptable levels of domestic vaccination, and agreements on how surplus vaccines can be distributed globally

• committing greater financial resources to international vaccination efforts

• establishing vaccine supply chains to poorer countries with low vaccination rates

• developing international policies that strengthen virus surveillance, such as genome sequencing

• agreeing institutional reforms to strengthen global health resilience and improve global response to future threats

The IfG's full report can be found here.

Source: Tackling Covid—19 over the long term

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