ICO issues guidance on information rights amid coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery

ICO issues guidance on information rights amid coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published guidance on information rights as workplaces and shops are beginning to reopen with lesser lockdown restrictions. The ICO has recognised the importance in knowing your data protection rights regarding personal information, particularly in relation to health data.

The ICO has issued the following guidance:

• if you have been asked about any experienced coronavirus symptoms or to take a test, the ICO has acknowledged the rights under data protection law that you can rely upon, ie being entitled to know what personal data is being collected, why it is being collected and how long it will be held for

• you should also be able to request a copy of your recorded data (ie a subject access request (SAR)), and information on how to do that is available here

• any answers regarding your general health and the health of family members is protected under data protection law, requiring whoever is using the information to take extra care with it

• if your employer chooses to use symptom trackers or other means of monitoring coronavirus and social distancing rules, they should let you know and explain why they believe it is necessary. If you have any concerns, ICO advises to raise this with the organisation involved

Source: Coronavirus recovery – what are your information rights? - 11 June 2020

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