HSE reflects on one year since the first coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown

HSE reflects on one year since the first coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown

On the anniversary of the first coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has issued an e-Bulletin reflecting on the toll of the coronavirus pandemic over the last 12 months and reminding businesses of the continued need to manage the risk of coronavirus by having COVID-secure measures in place and to make sure workers are following them to reduce the risk of transmission in workplaces.

HSE's bulletin sets out five key steps that businesses should take to keep workers safe:

• Revisit risk assessments—all businesses must constantly revisit their COVID-secure risk assessments to make sure they are in line with the latest government guidance

• Renewed vigour—businesses should also review the measures they have put in place and make sure they remain effective including cleaning regimes, hand washing and social distancing

• Ventilation—improving airflow in enclosed spaces and good ventilation helps to reduce how much virus is in the air

• Follow the roadmap out of lockdown—as businesses re-open it is their responsibility to have COVID-secure measures in place

• Not to become complacent about reduced infection rates—it is important to prioritise COVID-secure measures to stop the spread of coronavirus and to maintain the safety of staff, visitors and customers

HSE also reiterates that it will be working with local authorities to carry out spot checks and inspections on businesses to check the measures they have in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Source: HSE eBulletin: One year since the beginning of the first COVID-19 lockdown

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