Guidelines issued on cross-border healthcare co-operation amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidelines issued on cross-border healthcare co-operation amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

The European Commission has issued guidance regarding cross-border co-operation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic by calling on national, regional and local health authorities to make use of existing structures and available health professionals in all Member States. The Commission has stressed the need to share expertise, skills, and available hospital bed capacity, where this does not put the functioning of each respective health system at risk.

The guidance issued focuses on the following areas:

• cross-border assistance in healthcare overseen by the Health Security Committee

• co-ordination and co-funding of emergency transport of patients

• reimbursement of the patients’ medical costs in each respective Member State

• healthcare arrangements for cross-border patients and free movement of patients across internal borders

• co-operation in border regions of cross-border healthcare

• collaboration of healthcare personnel across borders

• financial assistance for cross-border healthcare co-operation

Source: Guidelines on EU Emergency Assistance on Cross-Border Cooperation in Healthcare related to the COVID-19 crisis

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