Government temporarily modifies state school requirements amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

Government temporarily modifies state school requirements amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Department for Education has issued two notices impacting state schools—a modification notice modifying pupil registration requirements for temporary pupils during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and a disapplication notice on the legislation outlining inspection requirements. Under the modification notice, pupil registration requirements are modified so a child is not to be registered as a pupil at a school simply because they receive education there on a temporary basis on coronavirus grounds. The disapplication notice temporarily disapplies Ofsted’s statutory duty to inspect state-funded schools within prescribed intervals, as well as various duties of governing bodies of voluntary or foundation schools and academies designated as having a religious character.

Both the modification and disapplication temporarily apply between 1–31 January 2021.

The Secretary of State for Education is permitted under the Coronavirus Act 2020 to temporarily modify and disapply statutory requirements, in this instance sections of the Education Act 1996 and Education Act 2005.


• Modification notice: school registration legislation changes

• Disapplication notice: school inspections legislation changes

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