Government announces roll-out of twice a week coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

Government announces roll-out of twice a week coronavirus (COVID-19) testing

The government has announced that everyone in England will be able to take free rapid coronavirus (COVID-19) tests twice a week. The scheme will take effect from 9 April 2021 and the public will be encouraged to take regular tests.

Over 100,000 businesses in England have registered their interest to provide the rapid tests to their employees, with free testing being expanded to companies of over 10 employees where on-site testing is impossible.

The government has said that expanded testing will be delivered via a home ordering service, workplace testing programmes, community testing, collection from PCR test-sites and on-site testing in schools and colleges.

A new service is also being launched, whereby adults with no symptoms will be able to collect a box of seven rapid tests from participating local pharmacies. Individuals who test positive to the rapid tests will be able to order a confirmatory PCR test.

The government confirmed that the expansion of testing will be a devolved matter, such that the devolved administrations will make their own policy decisions regarding testing.

Source: Twice weekly rapid testing to be available to everyone in England

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