European Medicines Agency authorises coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine Moderna

European Medicines Agency authorises coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine Moderna

The European Medicines Agency has authorised the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, Moderna, which is intended to prevent coronavirus disease in people aged 18 and over. The overview states that the Moderna vaccine contains a molecule called messenger RNA (Mrna), with instructions for producing a protein from SARS-CoV-2. The vaccine does not contain coronavirus itself. It primarily works by preparing the body to defend itself against coronavirus. A large clinical trial showed that the vaccine was effective at preventing coronavirus in people from 18 years, the trial showing a 94.1% reduction in the number of symptomatic coronavirus cases. Furthermore, the coronavirus vaccine Moderna has been given conditional marketing authorisation. The company that markets the vaccine will continue to provide results from the clinical trial, which is ongoing, for two years.

See the full coronavirus coronavirus vaccine Moderna overview here.

Source: Full EMA assessment report for Mederna published.

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