Environment Agency sets out temporary regulations amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

Environment Agency sets out temporary regulations amid coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Environment Agency (EA) has published temporary coronavirus (COVID-19) regulatory position statements (COVID-19 RPSs) in an effort to help businesses cope with the recent disruption. The COVID-19 RPSs are designed to ‘help minimise risks to the environment and human health where, for reasons beyond your control, compliance with certain regulatory requirements is not possible due to COVID-19'. They also cover specific circumstances where the EA is relaxing normal regulatory requirements in an effort to avoid increasing risks to the environment or human health during the coronavirus situation. Each COVID-19 RPS outlines when they apply and their compliance conditions. However, the EA emphasises that businesses must still comply with all other environmental regulatory requirements.

In addition, the EA mentions that in order to use a COVID-19 RPS, there are:

• specific conditions—including any requirements to notify us or get our approval to use it

• requirements concerning pollution and harm to human health

If these requirements are met, the EA states that it will not normally take enforcement action against the business in question.

Source: COVID-19 regulatory position statements

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