Economic impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting men and women differently

Economic impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting men and women differently

The Women and Equalities Committee has published a report on the gendered economic impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), which finds that the economic impact of coronavirus has affected men and women differently. The report calls for the government to 'assess the equality impact of every policy'. The Committee Chair, Caroline Nokes, stated: 'We need to see more than good intentions and hoping for the best. The Government must start actively analysing and assessing the equality impact of every policy, or it risks turning the clock back. Our report sets out a package of twenty recommendations for change and a timescale. Taken together, these will go a long way towards tackling the problems and creating the more equal future that so many women—and men—want to see. The Government should seize this opportunity.'

Among other things, the Committee recommends that the government:

• conducts an Equality Impact Assessment of the Job Retention Scheme and the Self Employed Income Support Scheme

• assesses and analyses the equality impact of the Industrial Strategy and the New Deal

• conducts an economic growth assessment of the care-led recovery proposals made by the Women’s Budget Group

• legislates to extend redundancy protection to pregnant women and new mothers

• reviews childcare provision to provide support for working parents and those who are job seeking or retraining

• reinstates gender pay gap reporting and include parental leave policies, ethnicity and disability

• provides better data to improve reporting and analysis on how gender, ethnicity, disability, age and socio-economic status interact to compound disadvantage

• ensures that the Government Equalities Office and Minister for Women are more ambitious and proactive

You can view the report in full here.


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