Coronavirus (COVID–19)—Welsh Government publishes summer 2021 school guidance

Coronavirus (COVID–19)—Welsh Government publishes summer 2021 school guidance

The Welsh Government has published an assessment arrangement guidance during the summer term 2021, for schools in Wales during the coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic. The guidance seeks to support schools and settings with planning for the summer term and highlights key considerations that support learner progressions as well case studies. The Welsh Government affirms that the guidance relates to normal assessment practice, which outlines where the focus for assessments should be for the summer term, as opposed to the arrangements that will be made for general qualifications in 2021.

Additionally, the Welsh Government has published information about vocational qualifications for summer 2021, stating that the approach for awarding vocational qualifications in Wales has been confirmed and made available to the relevant awarding bodies. Further to this, the Welsh Government states that a version of the Vocational Qualifications Contingency Regulatory Framework (VCRF), made by Ofqual, will be published so that it will apply to qualifications delivered in Wales. The VCRF will replace the Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework that was initiated on 6 October 2020.

The assessment arrangement guidance can be found here.


• Assessment arrangements: summer term 2021

• Vocational qualifications: summer 2021

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