Coronavirus (COVID-19)—new consultation on Crown Court opening hours

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—new consultation on Crown Court opening hours

HM Courts & Tribunal Service (HMCTS) has opened a new consultation into Crown Court opening hours during the coronavirus (COVID—19) pandemic. A ‘COVID Operating Hours’ (COH) model has been tested in seven different sites. HMCTS is inviting views from stakeholders on the new COH model and have requested for responses to be co-ordinated through the relative representative body (eg Bar Council, Law Society, Criminal Bar Association). The consultation is open until 11.45 pm on Thursday 10 December 2020. 

HCMTS would like to hear responses on the following questions:

  • how can the COH model be improved?
  • what are the strengths of the COH model?
  • what should be prioritised in the transition of COH?
  • what other user groups should be considered?
  • should the model be reviewed in April 2021 and what should be reviewed as a priority?

Responses should be emailed to

The consultation can be viewed here.

Source: Consultation with legal professionals on COVID operating hours in the Crown Courts


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