Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Mayor of London calls for ‘Covid Recovery Visa'

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Mayor of London calls for ‘Covid Recovery Visa'

LNB News 14/09/2021 42

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has called for the government to create a ‘Covid Recovery Visa’ to address labour shortages affecting industries given Brexit and the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He has urged the government to change its immigration system to meet economic need, requested devolved powers to fill vacancies in sectors with serious shortages, and has suggested extending the Youth Mobility Scheme to EU nationals.

The Mayor hopes workers with status under the EU Settlement Scheme will return to London but has said it will be difficult to replace experienced workers who decided not to come back. Khan is expected to use the London’s Adult Education Budget to provide skills support to industries with major shortages, like construction. Khan also believes a regional shortage occupation list for London and other cities, would give regions the opportunity to attract staff in areas with the greatest need.

Source: Mayor of London calls for ‘Covid Recovery Visa’

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