Coronavirus (COVID-19) — IfG publishes report on ten lessons for government

Coronavirus (COVID-19) — IfG publishes report on ten lessons for government

The Institute for Government (IfG) has published a report setting out ten lessons that the government should learn from the handling of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, one year on from the first national lockdown. The report examines how well the government organises itself to respond to crises and exposes the strengths and weaknesses of the government when placed under pressure.

The ten lessons to learn in the report are as follows:

• the government does not do enough to manage the risks it faces

• the government needs to protect its response to capacity

• the government needs to be better equipped to make rapid policy decisions in response to shock

• the government has proved better at executing decisions than making decisions

• success relies too much on individuals rather than systems or institutions to ensure collaboration in decision making

• the government, civil service and wider public sector adapted well to new ways of working, showing appetite for reform

• relationships between central and local government needs to be repaired urgently

• the government’s communications needed a clear strategy and more coherent messaging

• gaps in accountability in government needs to be addressed

• accountability needs to be strengthened to respond to a government willing to override norms

The report can be found here.

Source: Responding to shocks: 10 lessons for government

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