Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Home Office extends right to work checks concession

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Home Office extends right to work checks concession

The Home Office has published updated guidance for employers carrying out right to work checks during the coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic. It extends the concession permitting employers to carry out a manual right to work check using video conferencing and copies of supporting documents to 20 June 2021 (previously 16 May 2021). This aligns with the proposed relaxation of lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures from 21 June 2021.

The guidance states that from 21 June 2021 'employers will revert to face to face and physical document checks as set out in legislation and guidance'.

In a communication with firms who had provided feedback in relation to the initial date, the Home Office has further confirmed that it is undertaking a review of the value of technology, including identification verification technology, in supporting the right to work process going forward.​

Source: Coronavirus (COVID-19): right to work checks

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