Coronavirus (COVID–19) has affected disabled people’s access to services

Coronavirus (COVID–19) has affected disabled people’s access to services

The Women and Equalities Committee has published a report which says disabled people have suffered adverse effects from the coronavirus (COVID–19) pandemic, including disproportionate deaths. An independent inquiry is called for in the report, to look into the causes of adverse outcomes suffered by disabled people, including both decisions and policies of the government and public authorities to take place as soon as coronavirus is under control. The Committee Chair, Caroline Nokes, says: ‘Our inquiry heard extensive evidence from disabled people of the profoundly unequal adverse effects: our report makes the case for an independent inquiry into the causes.’

The report’s key findings and recommendations include:

• equal access to food

• health and social care

• communications and engagement

The report is available here

Source: Coronavirus: pandemic has had "profoundly adverse effects" on disabled people's access to services

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