Coronavirus (COVID-19)—guidance for schools updated as reopening begins

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—guidance for schools updated as reopening begins

The Department for Education has updated its guidance on actions schools should take during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In particular, the 'Schools coronavirus (COVID-19) operational guidance' has been added which explains the actions schools will need to take from 8 March 2021 (the date on which schools will fully reopen following the temporary closure imposed by the government to slow the spread of the virus). The DfE also explained that the section: What to do if a pupil is displaying symptoms of coronavirus, has been moved to the operational guidance.

The following guidance documents have also been updated:

• higher education providers: coronavirus—this has been updated to reflect the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s, announcement on 22 February 2021 regarding the roadmap out of lockdown

• coronavirus contingency framework for education and childcare settings—sections on possible restrictions for primary schools, secondary schools and further education have been updated. In addition, a new section for higher education has been added and further information for special schools, special post-16 institutions and alternative provision has been included as part of the update. The DfE has also clarified when the guiding principles of the contingency framework apply

Source: Actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak

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