Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Acas publishes five tips for reopening businesses

Coronavirus (COVID-19)—Acas publishes five tips for reopening businesses

The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) has published its five top tips for businesses reopening from 17 May 2021, as coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions ease. Acas recommends that businesses ensure their workplace is coronavirus secure, plan ahead with staffing, discuss working arrangements with staff, consider the health and wellbeing of staff, and consider employment rights.

Key steps include:

• making the workplace coronavirus secure

○ businesses should follow government guidelines and carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment

○ staff should be involved in decisions around making the workplace safe, and updated on any new changes

• planning ahead with staffing

○ businesses should consider how many staff are needed in work each day, and at specific points during the day

○ business should also consider how to reintegrate staff that were furloughed  

○ start and finish times should be staggered to avoid busy commuting travel times

• talk to staff about your plans

○ businesses should arrange to discuss retuning to the workplace with staff, and check whether their working arrangements still suit the business, being flexible where possible

○ businesses should listen to any concerns that staff have with a view to resolving them

• health and wellbeing of staff

○ businesses should learn what the signs of mental ill health may be, and ensure managers check on staff wellbeing

○ support and management should be tailored to the needs of each staff member, in acknowledgement of the fact that the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways

• employment rights

○ businesses should consider if there are any staff on national minimum or living wage, which increased in April 2021, and how much leave staff still need to take

○ make reasonable adjustments for any staff members that have a disability

Read more advice for employers and employees here.

Source: Acas offers 5 top tips for businesses that are re-opening on 17 May

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